The Ei Selling®  One-Year Program
The one-year program investment  includes a 2-day Boot Camp and 12 monthly sales webinars. To ensure full sustainability and growth the program includes:

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The Ei Selling BootCamp is located in the Denver, CO area. We also offer on-site training at corporate offices.

EQI 2.0  An emotional intelligence assessment that is used during the training to help you identify strengths and areas of improvement. The goal is to help you identify soft skills that will help you improve hard sales results.

Watch SalesLeadership President, Colleen Stanley,
review the Ei Selling®  2-Day Boot Camp

Attend Our Next Ei Selling® 2-Day Sales Training
Boot Camp

Attend Our Next Ei Selling® 2-Day Sales Training
Boot Camp

DISC  A behavior profile, often referred to as a personality profile. This is also used during training as a tool to help you better sell and relate to different personality styles.

Book and book study guide – Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success 

12 One-Hour Monthly Sales Webinars with 15 minute segments at the end of each webinar for questions and live sales coaching.

Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success

Emotional intelligence bridges the knowing and doing gap to help salespeople consistently execute hard selling skills.

Managing Expectations - Creating Parterships -- Not 'Vendor-ships'

Learn how assertiveness eliminates chase mode, vague next steps, and ineffective practice proposals.

Business Development - Converting Contracts To Clients

Participants walk away with a proactive business development plan to insure a full sales pipeline. 

Day 1 Workshop
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Day 2 Workshop
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Prospect's Story - The Sales Street Journal

Salespeople learn the 10 best qualifying questions that better qualify or disqualify opprtunities. Learn how empathy raises close ratios.

Decision Tree - How and Why Companies Make Decisions

Gain access to elusive decision makers
and aviod getting stuck with non-decision makers. Learn how to sell and connect 

with different personality types.

Leave our workshop with selling tools and tactics that can be applied immediately!

The Ei Selling® Program - Bridge The Knowing And Doing Gap

This is the only sales training program that integrates emotional intelligence skills with consultative skills training. Why is this important? Most salespeople know what to do, however, in tough selling situations they cave under pressure. This leads to discounting, product dumping and ineffective practice proposals, resulting in MISSED REVENUE. It's time for a new approach and perspective on professional selling.

Participants kick-off with a robust, interactive two-day boot camp followed by our live webinar series.

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Take 10 Program – An 8 week online reinforcement program (Post workshop) 

One hour assessment debrief with certified Ei Selling® coach (Post workshop)

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